Rapunzel’s Tower – Interior Mood board

Rapunzel Tower Interior Moodboard

Rapunzel Mood Board, the interior was a challenge but for Rapunzel’s Room it was the task of keeping it simple.

The first task was creating the floor arrangement, as the story progressed I ended up adding a storage room which the rest of Rapunzel possessions will be stored and where Edmund and Paige meet.

Rapunzel’s room is a Heptagon shape which varied from having wooden floors to brick walls, which from experimentation turned out that bricks were the best result. The floor choice made it easier for me to decorate Rapunzel’s room as well as visualizing the room itself.

Rapunzel's Tower Layout

For a project this was the first time I used the idea of drawing the floor plan and then flipping the image into a fake 3D perspective and then draw ‘up’.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 18.58.41

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 18.41.54

The process is basically draw the floor plan, a basic rough, then in Photoshop press the keys Control – T or the free transform tool then flip into a perspective that I’m happy to work with. Its an excellent way to practice perspective if your a bit rusty but also slightly cheating but the idea is to get the job, it also helps flag up problems like layout and if the interior requires more objects which was frequently shown in the library design and interior design.

As Rapunzel’s room was been designed I slowly added various objects into her room, from my sketch book and general research I written up a list of what will be within Rapunzel’s room, these been:

  • picture frame
  • bed
  • bookshelf
  • wardrobe
  • small table
  • chest x 2
  • candles
  • candles
  • candles from above
  • window frame
  • chairs (x 2)
  • vase with flower
  • desk
  • Feather pen
  • Ink vase
  • paper
  • fire place
  • wood
  • poker
  • various cutlery
  • carpet
  • brush
  • Wooden bath tube
  • brush

And in the storage room, its just various barrels ,crates and a shelf to store them. The storage is very little and basic having only crates and barrels, from my visual reference it’s very easy to come with the design (found here).

Sketch dump -

drawing moodboard

Theses are the quick sketches I made of Rapunzel’s room.

My sources varied from internet searches, TV shows like Black adder (Medieval era) and the making of Tangled Art book which influence the choices of how I created Rapunzel’s Room.

The room was difficult to design but I spent the longest out of all the locations since this is the main focal point of the story and where most of the narrative is set, so time well spent! The colours tests were the most difficult, which went from single to multiple colours, clearly an area I need to improve upon but its a time that needs dedication since colour can ruining drawings so picking the right colour is vital.

Another point would be making more variations of her room which again can be seen, so pushing her design further may improve the quality but due to time constraints and at the time creating the narrative and 5 other characters it can become rather difficult, so really its self inflicted.

The renders and tests -

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